Liquid Metal Fire Face 3-Figure Mystery Pack

Liquid Metal Fire Face 3-Figure Mystery Pack

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Liquid Metal Fire Face 3-Figure Mystery pack

A great way to start your Mighty Maniax collection! This 3-Figure set includes 1 Liquid Metal Fire Face Figure, 1 randomly selected painted figure, and 1 randomly selected blank figure! (Mystery figure images shown are for example purposes only and do not reflect exactly what will arrive in package. Each blank and painted figure will be randomly selected and added to your order)

Product Specifications

  • 3 Figures included
  • Includes 1 Liquid Metal Fire Face, 1 Painted Figure, and 1 Blank Figure
  • 10 Points of Articulation Per Character
  • Officially Glyos Compatible
  • 3-4 Character Heads Included With Each Figure